There are many reasons to use Sail Shade, but there can be no denying Sail Shade ability to transform a plain and simple outdoor area into something more sun protective, modern and dynamic.

Visually appealing and highly visible, their unusual shapes and forms can provide large areas of shade and shelter whilst also improving the aesthetics of any building or area in parks, schools, sporting arenas, commercial developments or private homes.

Shade sails can add character and comfort to your home. They can extend your working, relaxing and playing areas allowing you to be outside in the fresh air protected from dangerous UV rays and excessive heat.

For young children this could mean water play. For teenagers it could mean chilling by the pool without fear of burning. For people who are cooped up in an office all day it is a chance to sit outside with a computer or a magazine, relax and be comfortable.

Fashionable Sail Shades offer a total sail shade service from design and manufacture to installation and with such a wide variety of sizes and shapes available, there is a sail shade solution to suit your location.

Not only do Fashionable Sail Shades design and install sail shades, we also offer high quality waterproof structures and free-standing and retractable shade umbrellas from the most reputable companies in Australia.


  • Residential

    Fashionable Sail Shades are designed with today‚Äôs lifestyle requirements in the field of sun protection systems and can create a cool and shady meeting place during the day and a…

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  • Schools & Playgrounds

    Shade sails are the solution to protecting young and old from the dangerous UV rays that we have here in Australia. They are the most practical and economical structure to…

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  • Tourism & Leisure

    Outdoor leisure and dining is popular in Australia. Throughout the day especially on weekends, people enjoy these locations particularly during the middle of the day in the peak UV ray…

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  • Parks and Gardens

    Outdoor shade sails are today an integral part of community life at local parks and gardens and other Australian public places where people congregate away from the sun.

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  • Dairy & Cattle Feedlot Protection

    Minimising heat gain through shade should be a priority for farmers hoping to keep their animals cool as shade can have a large impact on the body heat load experienced…

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  • Nursery, Industrial & Vehicle Protection

    Fashionable Sail Shades are custom designed in accordance with your specific weather protection requirements. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the damaging effects of UV radiation, high temperatures, torrential rain,…

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