About Us

Fashionable Sail Shades is an Australian owned and family orientated company established for over twenty years providing Shade Sail and Shade Structure advice and solutions for residential, commercial and government projects and are dedicated in the field of design elegance and practicality

Fashionable Sail Shades use only the best commercial grade specified shade fabrics, top quality steel components and stainless steel or galvanised fittings for the best shade result. The very competitive prices we offer come from our policy of always giving best value for money.

Our structures are cost effective, long lasting and constructed on time and our commitment is backed by not only years as a producer of high quality protection structures, but also backed by the development of tension structure technologies.

Director Roy McNeil believes in supplying great service with a great product as it is by looking after your customers that you get referral and repeat business.

Introduction_Main2Why Fashionable Sail Shades should be your first choice...

Fashionable Sail Shades offer a wide range of shade and waterproof structures, designed individually to suit any situation and budget.

From a simple four sided shade sail made from shadecloth to a waterproof structure and galvanised or powder coated steelwork, we are limited only by imagination.

Our company doesn't just supply sun protection structures that are low maintenance and provide aesthetic appeal but year round all-weather protection designed to suit the harsh weather conditions of today.

No job is too big or too small and with over 20 years in the industry Fashionable Sail Shades have the know-how and expertise for your next job.

Protect yourself from cancer causing UV rays by installing shades sails over your pool, barbeque area, deck or backyard . Extend your living space by using a sail to create a carport, entranceway, covered deck or workspace.

Whether you want a sandpit cover or a shade sail for an outdoor stadium. We can help. We specialise in school playgrounds, childcare centres, cafes, decks, carports, parking lots and more.

Creative Design

A Total in-house design team creates individual, exciting and purpose-built structures that blend and enhance existing buildings or make striking architectural statements as freestanding installations.

Fashionable Sail Shade structures are tailor-made to suit specific projects and can easily be demounted or added-on to another Fashionable Sail Shade structure.

All Fashionable Sail Shade structures are designed and built to provide optimum working height beneath to suit the particular application. The cooler, more agreeable environment created within Fashionable Sail Shade structures will boost work efficiencies in all types of applications and reduce heat stress.

The Perfect Custom Shade Sail for Your Home or Commercial Premises

With custom made shade sails you get to choose how it will look. Our design team have a wealth of ideas and experience to help you come up with the design you will be happy with.

You should not choose a shade structure based on price alone – it may prove to be more costly in the long run.

You might have considered buying a pre-made sail and installing it yourself. This of course would be cheaper initially but after a few months when the sail starts to sag and fall apart you will realise that having a sail custom made out of commercial grade, high quality, guaranteed fabric is cheaper in the long run.

This sail will still be looking as good as new in 10 years’ time. The curves will be perfect and there will be no sagging edges or broken cotton

Unique Tensioning System

The Fashionable Sail Shades Tensioning System has been developed after extensive testing and product research of the specific inherent qualities of shade fabrics. No other system can provide a comparable combination of strength and adjustability to facilitate permanent non-creep, non-sag appearance.

Ensure the Correct Installation of a Shade Sail to Your Premises

There are many different ways you could design a shade sail or a shade sail structure but one of the most important factors for both safety and aesthetics is to install it correctly. There is an exact ratio between the size of the metal posts and the depth to which they need to be concreted and the size and type of cloth you wish to use.

There are a number of technical factors such as wind exposure to be taken into consideration. Our experienced installers will be able to tell you exactly what is required to make your shade sail installation safe, effective and last for many years.

Introduction_Main3No Wear Points = Maximum Life Expectancy

Shade fabrics need to be protected from contact with metals or sharp objects. Heat transference between metal frames or wire cables is well known to cause the premature failure of fabrics. Fashionable Sail Shades offers a unique system that has eliminated all direct metal contact enabling the fabric to provide maximum life expectancy.

Long Life

Materials used for all Fashionable Sail Shades structures are chosen for long life so that each product will provide many years of trouble-free use. Those materials which are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation are formulated with long life UV inhibitors to ensure maximum life expectancy, matching that of shade fabric. Only the best quality, high tensile strength thread is used for structural seams


A 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty on shade fabric UV degradation and our exclusive 3-year Workmanship Warranty are provided on every project.