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Shade sails are the solution to protecting young and old from the dangerous UV rays that we have here in Australia. They are the most practical and economical structure to use for large spaces in schools and playgrounds

Shade structures are an ideal alternative to shade sails, especially in schools and playgrounds where heights are a problem for the shade sails

The technology has improved so much over the last few years that these sails and sail structures will now outlast timber and roofing constructions, staying vibrant and strong for many years.
Made from permeable shade knit, Fashionable Sail Shades block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays whilst allowing the air to pass through and will not trap heat.

Fashionable Sail Shades will engineer a custom design in accordance with your specific shade requirements and at the same time, create a design feature which will enhance your public profile.

The Shade sail fabrics have a 10-year warranty that they will keep out 95% of the UV rays. After 10 years this decreases minimally and you will not see these quality Sails fading and coming apart in a few years’ time – that is a thing of the past.

Fashionable Sail Shades are strong and purpose-built sun protection systems backed by the technology of Australia’s leading shade knit specialists.

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